Treaux's Gourmet Foods specializes in southern cooking with Cajun Flare! We prepare ready-made meals for those on the go. Our weekly menu is full options ranging from baked goods, savory dishes and delicious plated meals. We also offer "Smart, Healthy, Portion Control" (SHPC) meals for the health conscious and those looking for lighter fare, full of flavor, but low in calorie. Treaux's also offers holiday menus, special side dishes, homemade pies & desserts, specialty dips and more. Our menus are updated weekly. Subscribe!

Let Treaux's Gourmet Foods cater your next event, office party, meeting, or celebration. We create a menu of Treaux's favorite dishes for your occasion. We can also customize a menu to fit your event's needs. Want to know more? Contact us! 

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Treaux's Catering


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We use and only offer fresh-from-the-Gulf shrimp, crabmeat & oysters on our menu. Treaux's also has access to specialty items (scallops, crabs, conch, gator). Treaux's only buys fresh, local and right off the boat seafood to keep prices competitive. You won't find that freshness at your local grocers. Our seafood customers date back to 1998! 

Fresh Seafood & More 

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Prepared Meals