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Michele Wiswell

Michele got her start in the food industry as a food distributer and selling fresh shrimp and seafood. She continues to do this today and her business has blossomed since those early days. Michele's friends and family urged her to make a few delectable dishes to sell. She started small with a few pecan pies. They were an instant hit and were instantly sold out. Her new found clients had special requests for other now famous Treaux's dishes. Using her very own seafood, Michele created dishes such as Shrimp & Crawfish Étouffée, crab cakes, unique seafood dips, along with other specialty dishes and desserts. 

As her business expands, Michele is currently working on a new production location where she will continue preparing Treaux's family dishes, individual meals, and desserts as well as continuing to offer catering (with pick-up or delivery options) and more. 

ABOUT Treaux's
It all began one day in Michele's kitchen....